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4 Ways to Transform Yourself in the New Year

smile transformation

Sunshine Vein Clinic discusses five ways to transform yourself in the New Year.

Another year rolls around accompanied by resolutions and goals for most of us. So what are your New Year resolutions? Isn’t it time you started to look after yourself? At Sunshine Vein Clinic, we feel that it’s time you were pampered!

Body contouring, anti-wrinkle injections, eyebrow lifts, skin tightening, and vein removal are just some of the cosmetic treatments that we offer at Sunshine Vein Clinic. If you feel self-conscious about wrinkles, saggy skin, unsightly veins, or fat pockets, it may be time you had a pamper day at Sunshine Vein Clinic.

1. Body Contouring

Body contouring through Exilis is an effective procedure that utilises an energy system to reduce fat! Fat deposits are reduced during the thirty minute procedure, and skin is tightened simultaneously. The fat cells are melted beneath the skin; all the while it is virtually painless. Any area of the body can be treated including the face, so it’s likely we can assist with any problematic area you may have. Call us to learn more!

2. Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Is your skin lacking youthfulness? Anti-wrinkle treatments can be a great way to regain that natural ‘plump’ we all love so much. Dermal fillers are a cosmetic treatment offered at Sunshine Vein Clinic to restore lost collagen deposits. This form of anti-wrinkle often responds well in patients because of its’ natural properties. Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acids or collagen, which naturally occur in the body normally anyway. So if you have smile lines or crow’s feet, dermal fillers could be the option that restores your youth in 2015.

3. Eyebrow Lift

Are your drooping eye lids ageing you? Revitalising skin around the eyes can significantly affect the face’s overall appearance, leaving a memorable impression! The non-surgical eyebrow lift offered at Sunshine Vein Clinic works by lifting the superficial facial muscles near the top of the eyebrow – invigorating the area in a natural looking way. Usually patients will notice changes within the following weeks and can generally enjoy this restoration for around 4-6 months. If you’d like to restore youth around your eyes, call today to find out more.

4. Vein Removal

Are varicose veins or spider veins affecting your confidence? Perhaps you’re avoiding wearing shorts or swimwear? At Sunshine Vein Clinic we want to help you love the skin you’re in, and that’s why we offer ambulatory phlebectomy, Endovenous Laser Treatment, and ultra sound guided sclerotherapy for treatment of veins. A consultation with Sunshine Vein Clinic will allow us to determine the most suitable treatment option for you personally.

Sunshine Coast Vein Clinic

Don’t let another year slip by with regrets. We’re confident that at least one of these four cosmetic treatments will be able to assist with your New Year makeover, so book an appointment today!

Call Sunshine Vein Clinic to book an appointment for your New Year transformation!

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