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Dermatologist Conducted Study

A dermatologist conducted a study in which he studied twin sisters, one who got BTX injections for 13 years and the other who had not. After a long study, the results showed the patient who had received BTX with a smooth forehead and minimal expression lines, and the other with several distinct wrinkles in just the places you would expect an individual of her age to have. Doctors explain that although outside factors could also affect the results, it is clear that the big difference in the skin is due to the BTX injections she received in the last 13 years.

This is not to say that infants or teens should be getting BTX injections. But dermatologists do suggest that patients begin getting BTX at an earlier age to prevent these lines and wrinkles from developing. Some suggest as early as mid or late twenties. Many patients that have begun injections in their twenties have noticed a significant difference between their skin and the skin of others their age. Using BTX injections as a preventative technique has been proven to be extremely successful. So even if you do not see wrinkles on your face yet, it may be the right time to start getting injections to prevent them in the future.

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