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Minimise your man boobs for a more masculine look this summer!

Many men love breasts, but not when they own a pair themselves…

Around 10% of the male population of Australia suffer from gynecomastia (commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’) and this means that over 1 million Australian men are suffering from unwanted breast tissue.

Gynecomastia, is generally caused by large numbers of fat cells that convert the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone oestrogen, leading to the development of female like breasts. Testosterone deficiency can also be caused in many men by natural ageing, which can lead to gynecomastia in later life.

At Sunshine Vein Clinic, we can reduce man boobs with two highly effective treatments.

  1. The first is a non-surgical procedure called injection lipolysis. This procedure involves gently injecting the area with mild, fat-dissolving medication directly into the unwanted fat layer under the skin. As the chemicals dissolve the fat, it is flushed from your system through urination. There is mild post-treatment swelling, possible mild bruising but no need to wear any uncomfortable undergarments.
  2. Another option to treat gynecomastia is mini-liposuction. This treatment involves liposuction to remove fat from under the skin and no longer leaves scarring or requires general anaesthesia. As local anaesthesia is used, there is no pain during the gynecomastia procedure, although a degree of swelling and bruising is normal following surgery. Most people can return to work within a week of this gynecomastia surgery.

Discover a more manly physique and show it off at the beach this summer with the help of Sunshine Vein clinic

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