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Never too early for BTX

Over the last few years, botulin toxin injections (BTX) have become extremely popular among thousands of Australians. Although BTX has been around for a while, people have noticed some sort of a trend in younger patients seeking BTX injections. This seems to come as a surprise to some. So that is why millions are now asking, is it ever too early to get BTX?

It has been clearly known for quite a while now that frown lines, crows’ feet, and forehead furrows are all a result of constant folding of the skin from normal day to day expressions. Most individuals attempt to fix these folds and wrinkles once they’ve reached their 40s, 50s, and 60s, when these wrinkles are fully developed. But people are now starting to realize that if they get BTX injections earlier, it can prevent these wrinkles from ever happening in the first place. Doctors say that if you slow down the use of these muscles at an earlier age, these lines may never even develop. Instead of trying to go backwards and fix a wrinkle that is already there, it may be easier to inhibit it from developing in the first place.


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