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Avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis at Work and While Travelling

Travelling can cause deep thrombosis when you travel for 4 hours or more

The human body is not built to sit for long periods of time and if you do, you may be putting yourself at risk of deep vein thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis (otherwise known as DVT) is a sometimes painful disorder where veins in your leg will clot with blood. This complex condition is not only limited to the veins in the leg however, it can also occur in the arms. While this condition may sound like a disorder which only your grandparents consider, it’s important to know that it can occur at any age, so it’s of the utmost importance that you prepare yourself when travelling and get up regularly when working at a desk job.

Here at the Sunshine Vein Clinic in Peregian Beach, we can provide treatments for problematic veins as well as evaluate your veins to let you know if you’re at risk.

What are the risks of deep vein thrombosis?

There are many potentially harmful effects of deep vein thrombosis, that’s why it’s important to keep on top of your vein pain and monitor how regularly you are active. Deep vein thrombosis can lead to:

  1. A pulmonary embolism A pulmonary embolism is the effect of a blood clot in the vein. It occurs when this clot detaches from the vein and migrates through the circulatory system to the lungs. This clot can then block breathing and block blood from travelling.
  2. Limb Ischarmia In this situation a blood clot can stop bloodflow to the legs which can result in painful ulcers and infection.
  3. Post-thrombotic Syndrome This condition involves damage to the valves which push blood through your veins. This can cause your veins to stop working properly which can in turn cause severe varicose veins (bulging blue veins on the leg) which is caused by blood pooling inside of the vein. This can also lead to venous ulcers and swelling as well as intensify DVT symptoms.

If you experience these symptoms you should visit the Sunshine Vein Clinic

DVT has many symptoms, all of which should be extremely alarming. Symptoms include:

  • Often throbbing pain and discomfort – or a feeling of restlessness
  • A colour change in the skin where pain is felt (often appears darker like a subtle bruise)
  • Swelling of the skin, or entire limb (leg or arm)
  • An increased temperature

Prevention is the key to a healthy circulatory system

In order to prevent the complications listed above there are a few simple practices you can do to make sure your vein circulation works like clockwork. One of the best things you can do for your veins is invest in a compression stocking for periods of long sitting (such as when you’re travelling or working). The Sunshine Vein Clinic can provide compression stocking for around $20-30 a pair. These are a great investment if you have a flight coming up. Vein health can also be stimulated by taking regular walk breaks. Don’t be afraid of walking up and down the cabin or the corridor at work as this small effort can really pay off.

Lastly, if varicose veins run in your family, or if you have uncomfortable veins, book a consultation at the Sunshine Vein Clinic so that we can perform an ultrasound to examine the deeper cause for your discomfort.

After we have identified the cause as varicose veins we can then treat them by performing microsclerotherapy our exclusive Vein Gogh Thermolysis and the popular Endovenous Laser Treatment which involves utilising a fibre to emulsify the problematic veins. During your consultation our doctor will discuss which option would be better for you.

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