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How can I tighten my skin without surgery?

Have you ever felt self-conscious about the skin around your neck?

Or perhaps you’re uncomfortable with the areas of your stomach or thighs? Unlike cosmetic procedures in the past that involved invasive and painful techniques with serious downtime, we have an incredible new technology that can tighten the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen without any invasive techniques.

Have you ever heard of the Exilis Elite system? If not, we suggest you keep reading because you won’t regret it! We offer this revolutionary skin-tightening system at our Sunshine Coast clinic.

What is the Exilis Elite system?

Exilis is neither surgical nor laser – it is a revolutionary new treatment that uses RF (Radio Frequency) to contour and tighten the skin. It’s gentle enough to use on the face as well as the body and can firm skin that has begun to suffer from sagging.

So how does it work?

It uses the radio frequency to heat the deeper layers of the skin. This intense and precisely controlled heat causes the fat cells to shrink and contracts the skin tissue, stimulating new collagen in the process. Many of our patients have seen incredible results with this new system, which in fact won three international awards in 2013 for skin-tightening.
Who is a good candidate for an Exilis treatment?

The Exilis Elite system is effective for any patients between the ages of 25 and 70+ who are seeking to improve the appearance of skin that is showing the signs of ageing. It is also a great option for patients who have not responded well to other treatments and are looking for a comfortable and non-invasive treatment alternative.

What can I expect during my treatment?

During your treatment, you will feel a deep warming sensation as the radio frequencies reach into the deeper layers of your skin. Treatments will typically take from 10 minutes to one hour, depending on the treatment area and most patients will require 2-3 treatments in order to achieve the desired result. The professional medical staff at Sunshine Vein Clinic will be able to assess the state of your skin and determine how many treatments will be best for you.

Will there be any downtime?

One of the best parts about the Exilis system is that there is absolutely no downtime. You may experience some pinkness or redness of the skin in the area that was treated, though within the hour following your treatment this will subside. There is no special care required after your treatment and after you leave our practice, you can carry on with the rest of your daily activities.

What areas can Exilis treat?

The Exilis system is strong enough to deliver great results, but is gentle enough to be used on delicate areas. You can treat your face, neck, body, arms and legs, back, knees and more. Once fat cells in these areas have been destroyed, research shows that they do not come back, so results have shown to be particularly successful over the long term.

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