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Embrace body confidence in the New Year

Your relationship with your body image is extremely important to our team here at the Sunshine Vein Clinic in Peregian Beach, QLD.

We strive to ensure that we help our patients address their body image concerns which can potentially boost their self-confidence. There are an alarming number of people who are dissatisfied with their body, along with a number of people that have not been able to achieve their body goals with the use of dieting and exercise alone.

At Sunshine Vein Clinic our team provides our patients with a number of non-invasive treatments to contour the body comfortably and efficiently. To address body concerns we offer:

  • Injection Lipolysis
  • Body Contouring with Exilis

Address your self-image concerns with our advanced technology to start the New Year with a fresh attitude

Both Injection Lipolysis and Exilis treatments can provide our patients with innovative treatments that are both comfortable and non-invasive. By remaining in-step with the latest technological developments in cosmetic procedures, our team can ensure that you are receiving advanced treatments with optimal outcomes.

Reduce built up fat deposits with our Injection Lipolysis treatment

If you have tried to use exercise and a healthy diet to reduce persistent fatty tissues to no avail, then Injection Lipolysis may be a desirable option for you.  This treatment can provide dramatic results as it targets the uneven distribution of fat deposits across your body.

How can Injection Lipolysis remove unwanted fat?

This treatment utilises a number of mild fat dissolving medications. This solution is micro injected into the layers of unwanted fat and will encourage the breakdown of these excess fatty cells. As the fat is dissolved, it will leave the body via urination. The active substance used is known as Phosphatidylcholine (PPC) and is extracted from soy beans, thus there is no chance of allergic reactions. Results can be noticed within 4 – 6 weeks after the treatment – just in time for the New Year.

Shape and contour your body with Exilis

Rather than traditional surgical or laser treatments, Exilis treatment benefits from technological developments that enable our team to remove stubborn fat with a unique energy system. Exilis utilises a radiofrequency that effectively and painlessly melts your fat cells that hide beneath the surface of your skin. Given the gentle nature of this treatment, our team is able to provide this treatment for our patients across their entire body, and even their face. We monitor the real-time skin temperature to ensure that we can provide optimal results without any potential damage to your skin or comfort.

Walking you through Exilis treatment

Preceding your treatment, our patients will meet with our skilled doctor, Dr Pin, to thoroughly discuss your cosmetic concerns and your treatment possibilities. Once our team has identified that you are a suitable candidate for Exilis treatment, our team can tailor a treatment plan that is specific to your cosmetic concerns.

During your treatment at Sunshine Vein Clinic, the Exilis device is gently guided over your troublesome area, providing a warming sensation. The energy emitted will provide stimulation for the fat cells, which will potentially cause them to dramatically diminish in size or even completely disappear. With this treatment you can expect some slight pinkness, which will soon disappear. This treatment is time effective and can often be performed in just 30 minutes.

Start the New Year with a new sense of confidence

By addressing your body-image concerns now, you may be able to start the New Year with a fresh perspective on your body. By re-contouring your body and removing excess fat cells, you can achieve your desired cosmetic results and potentially gain the body shape you deserve.

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