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Even men can benefit from a little TLC at the Sunshine Vein Clinic

Too long has cosmetic treatment been type-casted as strictly ‘female’ orientated. It’s time for men to take advantage of the cosmetic treatments available to them…

Everyone deserve a little TLC now and then; not to mention that everyone ages, so why not take advantage of cosmetic treatments to help rejuvenate your body if you are a man. At the Sunshine Vein Clinic we don’t discriminate, we are here to help anyone who is interested in rejuvenating and improving the appearance of aging. That is why we offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments that can be tailored to suit the needs of our male patients.

At the Sunshine Vein Clinic many of our male patients enjoy the benefits of the following treatments:

Anti-wrinkle Injections…

Everyone gets wrinkles, even men. Why not rejuvenate your face and try for a more youthful approach with an anti-wrinkle injection or two? These injections can target small wrinkle areas with a muscle relaxant injection which is a great way to smooth out those wrinkles.

Man Breasts…

Those who experience extreme weight loss or gradual weight loss into their age may experience excess fat deposits in the breast region resulting in ‘man breasts’. This can be difficult for men because man breasts are particularly difficult to hide under a t-shirt and could leave them feeling self-conscious. We can reduce the appearance of man breasts with a non-surgical injection procedure called injection lipolysis which dissolves fat under the skin which is then expelled through your urine and sweat.

Injection Lipolysis…

This is a safe and non-invasive procedure that reduces body fat by dissolving it. It is primarily used to reduce the appearance of man boobies but it can be applied to any area of the body. Depending on the body area treated, one to four treatment sessions are necessary, with majority of patients either needing one or more injection sessions to achieve the desired weight reduction. Treatment sessions are taken 8 weeks apart to give the body time to expel the fat and recover afterwards; with results typically seen around the four week mark during recovery.

Cheek Augmentation…

As we age, the plumpness that we once had in our cheeks can dissipate and sometimes all we need is a little ‘lift’. Cheek augmentation is not an uncommon treatment for men to consider and it can restore the volume lost in the cheeks. This procedure requires an artistic eye and our Dr Hugo Pin is more than up to the challenge. Being a man himself, he understands the importance of shape and form in relation to the male form as opposed to female.

At the Sunshine Vein Clinic on the Sunshine Coast we are dedicated to helping those seeking to improve their bodies with cosmetic treatments…

We perform a variety of services on many patients who want to improve the appearance of their faces and many of those patients are men. At the Sunshine Vein Clinic we want to ensure that your treatment with us is as discrete and comfortable as possible as we find many of our male patients are uncomfortable when considering and undergoing cosmetic surgery. Sensitive to your needs, the team here at the Sunshine Vein Clinic will ensure your comfort during your visit with us. Dr Hugo Pin is an established and successful certified GP who has extensive qualifications in the cosmetic profession. He understands the importance of ‘image’ when it comes to the male form and can ensure that any male patients that accept his treatments a refined and subtle result.

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