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Blue or Bulging veins? 5 Ways to deal with veiny problems at the Sunshine Vein Clinic!

If you (like so many others) suffer from incompetent varicose veins which may appear blue or bulging your burden could be lifted with new innovative treatments at the Sunshine Vein Clinic.


The innovative staple in varicose vein removal technology…

Microsclerotherapy involves injecting a sclerosing solution into the thread vein. This solution causes the walls of the veins to swell, injuring the cells in the lining of the vein and triggering the natural healing process. If this procedure is completed correctly the vein will be absorbed by the body, decreasing or eradicating appearance of unsightly veins all together.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

The latest in innovative treatment of varicose and spider veins…

This treatment is similar to microsclerotherapy, however the fibre that is placed into the vein is pulsed with laser light. This method causes the vein to collapse and eventually be absorbed by the surrounding tissue in the body. After treatment you will usually have to wear a compression stocking until treatment is complete.

Vein Gogh Thermolysis

For a thorough removal of small and larger veins…

Vein Gogh Thermolysis is a treatment exclusive to the Sunshine Vein Clinic. The treatment may be recommended to you if you are unsuitable for Microsclerotherapy or have particularly stubborn spider veins which often resist IPL and microsclerotherapy treatments. The Vein Gogh treatment works by inserting an extra thin fibre into the vein where it will be thermocoagulated (heated) to instantly eliminate vessels which cause unsightly veins.

Benefits of the Vein Gogh treatment:

  • Consistent results with little or no discomfort
  • Faster results than traditional therapies
  • Removal of more intricate/small veins which sclerotherapy often misses

Vein Gogh Thermolysis to treat facial capillaries

Perfect for people with unwanted red dots or Rosacea…

Rosacea of facial capillaries are a common cosmetic issue for people over 30. This issue can also occur in younger people and is caused by dilated blood vessels or broken capillaries. They appear on the skin as tiny red dots which often have a faded red ring around them. If you pull the skin taut near one of these dots you will most likely notice it will appear white until the skin is loosened once again. The Vein Gogh treatment is used instead of IPL and sclerotherapy treatments which are too harsh for the delicateness of the face. The greatest positive of utilising the Vein Gogh treatment for facial redness is that often only one treatment is required.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Great for busy people as there’s no down time…

An ambulatory phlebectomy is a minor invasive treatment where varicose veins are removed via miniature cuts in the skin. While numbed by local anaesthetic the veins are extracted with tiny keyhole surgery which can leave scars a couple of millimetres long but often leaves no scarring at all.

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